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Book Sale

When?  Wednesday, May 31st (9:30-12:00)

Where?  Bethany Baptist Church, 7422 N Heinz Lane, Edwards IL

Why?   It’s a chance to sell your items & shop for next school year.  2015 & 2016 sales were the largest ever with over 60 sellers and more than $7000 changing hands in 2.5 hours!  Come early for the best selection.  Doors open for shopping at 9:30am.

Is there a charge?  

Sellers:  There is no charge for APACHE subscribers to sell their items.  Non-subscribers will be charged $10 to sell. Sellers keep 100% of their sales dollars (there is no commission taken out.)  

Buyers:  No charge to shop & purchase items thanks to APACHE and a team of volunteers.

Why do you need my information if I am a seller and why should I pre-register?  All sellers need to register (either in advance by May 29th or at the door) so we know where to mail your check and so we can contact you during the sale, if necessary.  Registration will take a couple of minutes before you put your items in the sale.  Pre-registered sellers will have a separate check-in spot for quicker entry. 

Sample for Marking Books for Book Sale!

It has been suggested that a visual might be helpful for how to prepare price tags for the book sale - hope this helps!

Seller's Instructions for Tagging Items:

  • Tag each item by putting clear tape topped with a smaller piece of painter's tape or masking tape, making a small 'pull-tab' on one end of the painters/masking tape for easier removal. (The clear tape protects the item from damage and the painter's/masking tape is your sales tag. We will remove the sales tag when the item is purchased so that you will get credit for selling that item.) White or light colored masking tape is best - it is easier to read! :) Do not use Post-It Notes, labels, garage sale tags, etc. – Uniform labeling allows for a more accurate and efficient sale.  
  • On the painter's/masking tape tag, put the price, the first initial and last name of the seller, and the title of the item clearly written in sharpie or ink.Put your label on the front of the item so it’s easily viewed by potential buyers.
  • If you are selling a set of items, label each item (1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.) in case they accidentally get separated.
  • Consider bundling smaller items in Ziploc type bags and larger items in a box.
  • Please price all items in $.50 increments. It is easier for the cashiers to total during the busy sale. If they are priced at less than $.50 the item will be given to the buyer for free.  If it is priced at $.25 increment, we will reduce the item to the nearest $.50 increment.  Example:  $1.75 will be reduced to $1.50.  Please make it easy on our volunteers and price in $.50 increments!
  • Tables will be designated by subject.  It is helpful to have your books sorted by subject prior to coming.  We will clear out the gym at 9 a.m., so you must have your items out before then!
  • ALL labeling must be done prior to the sale.   It is very busy in the hour before the sale opens so please come prepared and ready to set your items on the tables.
  • At the close of the sale, each seller must collect all their remaining unsold books so that the volunteers can finish clean up and go home.  (You may want to have a list of everything you brought.)  Any items left at the end of clean-up will be donated.
  • After the sale each seller sales sheet(s) will be totaled and a check will be mailed to sellers from Chase Bank (please allow two weeks).
  • If items are not labeled properly, you will be asked to correctly label before items can be put out for sale.

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